Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Imbolc!

Wow.... February 2nd! Usually its March that comes in like a Lion..... February must have just wanted to get noticed this year! 18 inches of snow in less then 36 hours. It wouldn't have been bad but we have been soooooo spoiled this year. This storm really hit us unawares. The one thing that always sticks out to me is the fear that sets into people when any type of storm is on its way. I ended up having to go to walmart to get turkeys for an upcoming Vet's Luncheon that we are hosting. Now mind you there wasn't even a flake in the air yet. At this point people were grabbing cases and cases of water, toilet paper and bread. Its sad really that most people don't even have the 72 hours worth of prep that FEMA says for us to have.

Grim and I are still in the crazy planning stage of our property. You know we can do anything because its still free to dream stage * smiles*! But we both know that stage will be ending soon. With that happening it has come to my attention that I need to try and do better with Thirty-one business. I think I can do better... I just need to try harder. I have even started with a plan and actual goals.

I finally got all my work in projects pulled out and put into one place. Now this isn't the directions and yarn that I have put away. Just the things I've started and need to finish before Spring rears its warm, wet, sloppy head! I'm still trying to figure out a pattern for the rug that I'm using the t-shirt yarn for. I have already frogged it several times.

Here is the yarn and the first incarnation! Still plugging away... once I get going on it with a pattern I like I will take pictures and share!