Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday & a Mystery

I didn't partake in any King Cakes or Paczki, yesterday on Fat Tuesday! What I did was way worse. I had a tuna sandwich for lunch not to bad.... Then a bologna sandwich for an afternoon snack.... Then 2 pieces of pizza and a couple of bread sticks for dinner.... then because I felt like it I had some pasta and sauce for a snack....

Now this isn't a normal fare for me. But it does show that one off decision can lead to more off decisions. See I'm a carb aholic! It would have been fine to have had the tuna sandwich. But I didn't have anything with it. So by the time I got home from my off site job.... I was starving. Which led to the bologna sandwich. Add to that the porkchops I had pulled out weren't thawed and someone was lax on their chores. I said pizza!!! And that leads me to the final decision of the pasta and sauce. The only thing I had yesterday that was healthy was the morning fruit smoothie. Strawberries, black berries and banana... a little almond milk and powdered kale. Looking at how I managed to eat like that I can see the error in my choices.

I need to get in and get some dental work done. I cracked one of my crowns loose. And the other side of my mouth that I'm forced to chew on is horrible. I have put off having the work done. The only thing that comes close to my hate of dental work is house cleaning and would do that everyday 12 hour shifts just to avoid the dentist. With that being said... its hard to eat the raw veg that I would normally be eating with my meals. Apparently, I'm to lazy to cook them also. Over the next month I will be having a lot of dental work done. Lazy or not I need to make better choice.... Was doing so good. That's always the way it goes. Something happens that we don't expect and it changes everything.

So what does all of this have to do with Ash Wednesday. As most of you know I'm not Catholic. But I really do enjoy Lent. Its 40 days to give you a chance to form a new habit. Its 40 days to become a better you~!  Its not like a resolution, that the media and society say you won't stick to. This is a religious idea, and if you say I gave up >>>> for lent, people are more likely to be behind your decision. I understand that its all a mind set.... And if I don't mind, then it doesn't matter. I also know that when you feel like the world is against you most people cave.

For my 40 days of Lent.... I'm giving up ground flour products. No pasta, bread, crackers, cake, pizza. Well you get the idea. Its funny when I went on the paleo diet it was so easy to stay away form these items and then slowly they made their way back into my diet.

Now on to the mystery!

Here is the first week. 

20 Granny Squares.

Lavendar Blue is my main color.

Color A

Here is the link for week 2

The color is Sage

Color B

I only have 2 done so far. I'm hoping to get a few more done tonight. And a big chunck done tomorrow!