Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year, Old Issues

As you know I have been taking care of my Mother in Law for the last year. It hasn't been an every day thing... But I have been making and taking her to appointments. Making sure she was ok while she got her cataract surgery. Dealing with her falls and subsuquent recoveries. And as of the last 2 months or so making sure her pills were set up for her.

New years eve in the morning as I was on my way out the door I got a call which I ignored because it was an 800 number... Then Grims phone went off with the same number. It turned out to be the alarm company to let us know that she had fallen again. I made it to her apartment as the firemen were checking her out. They advised that she go to the hospital to get checked out. She refused. Since I have power of attorney over medical decisions. I told them to take her.

So long story short we spent New Year's Eve at the hospital. Then we had long drawn out rig a ma roll. She was finally admitted to the hospital on Friday afternoon. Upto that point she was just under observation. We were able to get her moved to a rehabilitation on Monday. She will there for upto 20 days. Then they will make the determination wether or not she will be able to move back to her apartment or if she will have to go to assisted living.

As for other things. We were able to get the wood burning stove! I am so happy!! We only had one hand get pinched... Not even a swear word was uttered! Which was a true miracle since it was Grim, me and all 3 monsters. We couldn't get any other help that day. 

I also have the money put aside for the barn. Now we will be able to get it all closed up and the floor put in! After we cut the grass in the Spring this will be the first project that we tackle. Once that is done it will be like we are really doing ths. Right now it still feels like a pipe dream. Soon....

Next up on the list is to get the pop up trailer fixed. We lost our hot water tank durning the season last year. And there is something going on with the electric. Then the taxes need to be paid. This really shocked me. The only improvement we did to the property was to get an address. My taxes have doubled because it now has an address. LOL! I can only imagine what will happen once we build. Ah, no point in borrowing trouble. I got a gift certificate for the place where I'm going to purchase the trees from for the orchard. So we are moving along with that. We need to figure out what's the de4al with the well. And then finally on the list for this year is the electric. We will need to dig a trench and get the power run from the pole to the barn.

My job is going well and my Thiry-one business is really starting to take off. The biggest monster leaves this weekend to head back to school. Next week I will be cleaning house and getting back to working on some unfinished projects. No matter what there is always something going on!