Monday, December 16, 2013

Lots going on!

Since its that time of year again, I feel the need to clean house... I know it would make more since to do it daily or even weekly... Which we do keep up on the top layer of stuff.... But its the deep down cleaning that I feel the need to do... I didn't get a chance to do it at Thanksgiving because of the dreaded funk of 2013. So now we are just 10 days from Christmas and I need to get it done... But what am I doing instead.... Playing on the computer of course.... LOL! And waiting on the time to come for me to leave and get my oldest Monster from the bus depot! She will be home for almost a month... Its going to be weird her being here again.... When she was here at Thanksgiving I was so sick that it didn't matter to me who was here... :D Since she will be home during the day with me as the others are at school, she will be able to help me get a ton of stuff done....

I haven't even started my Christmas cookies yet... 
Chocolate chip
peanut butter
magic bars
cherry nut bread (oh, my mixer is going to hate me)
russian tea cookies
thin mints

The shopping is done... Just need to get everything wrapped! Still need to get a turkey, already have the ham. I have most of the stuff for the side dishes. Just need to get a few more things.



Mary Ann said...

Take a deep breath and have a Merry Christmas! It will all get done.