Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Come on get here, NOW!

2013.... See ya... I won't miss you... I will be happy to see you go.... Can you move out of the way so that BABY NEW YEAR can get here already!!!!

I decided that this year there will be no resolutions.... Resolutions have no structure, they have no end. They are hopes and dreams of something different. This year I have goals. Most of them are short term. But that's fine because I will have such a feeling of accomplishment once they are done... With that being said, it should motivate me on to the next goal. All of the goals revolve around one another. 

Get the address to the property
Loose 2 pounds a week
Get Thyroid under control
Start eating more organ meat (liver)
Juice more
Make $500 a month (31~UL~yarn)
Get the electric on property
Fix soffits on shed
Find a used mobile to put on property
Plan on going to convention
Clear orchard area
Plant trees
Find out about cementing the floor of the shed
Get 2 does
Breed out 4 sets of kits before the end of the year
Get 1/2 a cow
Get 1/2 a pig

This year is going to be about focusing on the property, me and my home. Two of which have severely ignored. 

Here is to Eating that Frog in 2014!