Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Little Things

Since I've finished the baby blanket and not quite ready to get onto the Autumn afghan...... I thought I should get a few small projects in. I only have 1 pair of leg warmers that I made two years ago while at the hospital with my uncle. I have a couple really nice skirts that I want to be able to wear this winter. Since I get cold so easy I think leg warmers are the way to go... 

I didn't go out for Black Friday or Cyber Monday... I was very good! But I did manage to have to go to Michael's today to get a bigger set of circular needles. While I was there I spied the yarn.... It was on sale.... So I got 2 skeins of 2 different colors. The one above is a Red Heart Soft jewel-tone and the other is Impeccable charcoal tweed.

All I did was start with 48 stitches k2 p2 for 3 inches and then just knit. I'm at 5 inches right now... These are coming together quickly. Once these are done I have a skein of Bernat in Pink that I want to use to make a set with also.... 4 pairs will work nicely for this winter.