Friday, November 8, 2013

Morning Visitor

2013-11-08 10.10.10

Isn’t he just he cutest…. The dog and I heard something at the door…. Every time I opened the door there was nothing there…. The last time I got up, I saw a squirrel in the bush by the window. So I thought that was the noise… You know the bush hitting the window… Nope!

2013-11-08 10.07.292013-11-08 10.07.352013-11-08 10.07.542013-11-08 10.07.582013-11-08 10.08.232013-11-08 10.08.392013-11-08 10.09.252013-11-08 10.09.522013-11-08 10.09.57

It was this little bugger crawling across my screen to get from one side of the porch to the other. I can say I was scared to open the door to shoo him away for fear he come in the house. He was there for over 10 minutes with me taking pictures and tapping on the glass. No fear of me!




Carolyn said...

What kind of squirrel is that? We don't have any with black tails. He's pretty cute looking for a tree rat!