Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where did the days go?

I have been absolutely crappy about posting here. But I can see no one missed me, so no loss right! :o)

Grim is slated to get back to work this week... We have been doing the happy dance! As soon as we get money coming in again and the bills caught up we will be back to normal. These past couple months have been a real pain. Lots of things have been learned and several other things we just couldn't get a handle on.

We still have the car. Quite a few people called about it, just out of their price range. I'm still hoping it sells as we could use to not have that payment over our heads. The monsters have become very good at making treats... This has been a bonus to the entire family... LOL!

I've been working like crazy to finish up all my scrap yarn. I have another whole afghan done and the center of another one done. I still have more yarn and at least one more scrap-ghan to do to use up the scraps I have left. I was able to pick up 5 skeins with money I made.... They are being used to make a sunburst granny afghan.

Speaking of making money... This month ended up being my best month selling 31 yet. I'm hoping to be able to keep up  the momentum for June. The special is if you spend $35 you get one of our Large Utility Totes for $10. I'm hoping that lots of folks will want in on this deal!

Teenage monster had her prom this past Friday. She was gorgeous! Her and her date had a very nice time. Grim & I drove them there and home... no money to waste on a rental. **Secret** I felt much more comfortable with this then having a driver for them. They still have his prom to go to in 2 weeks and his mom and dad will be driving them also.

Teenage monster is officially done with high school tomorrow. Then we got a letter we are invited to an honors ceremony that she will be honored at.... (hoping it will be a scholarship)! Then she graduates next Wednesday. She got a letter in the mail from the university where she will be attending Music department... They want her to try out for the marching band. Since she has been in a competitive band program I think she will do fine.

I have several people interested in learning how to knit, can and lots of other skills.... So I think once the monsters are out of school I will host learning sessions here.

That about catches me up!



Katidids said...

Sounds like you are cutting corners and doing what can be done.
Congrats to your DD for the Honors! Hope it's a sS for her. Our oldest was in college Marching band and loved it.
Sorry about the bunny situation bit it did make me giggle.
Your crafts page is great! Don't forget to add the size of the blankets and if they are washable etc....my 2cents for what it's worth
Hang in there!