Monday, January 14, 2013

Where did the Weekend Go?

I guess that's a great question that needs some history! Doesn't it always though....

Monday after bowling practice I was told in an off handed way that there was to be a bowling fundraiser on Sunday. Ok, I didn't think anything more of it as I figured I would be told more details over the week. What I didn't count on was what the week was to hold.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Grim and I had deposition prep, we did that for almost 8 hours. Then Thursday Grim was to give his deposition but it was tossed on me to give mine as well. Once we get home, the monsters are already at the bowling alley practicing. We get there and I am almost immediately hit with this fundraiser by one of the other mom's......

Do you want to do this, that and another thing.... The mom was like I have been asking questions but I get no answers.... So I make the split second decision to go talk to the coach and ask if he wants a bowling booster? He of course says yes as he has been trying to do all this on his own.... Because all he gets is questions and little to no help. So I tell him not to worry I will take care of everything.

In the morning I talk to the athletic director and get the details to the booster.... It had been set up but no one had wanted to run it?!? At least until I came along. So then, we had a competition on Friday night. I bought 50/50 tickets.... Just as they are about to draw the number I say out loud that if I win I will buy material to make the frayed fleece scarves in the school colors. Yep, guess who won! After the competition I ended up at Joann Fabrics to get the material. I bought 6 yards of two colors and ended up getting 11 scarves... ( I think next time I will measure differently to get more out of the material.)

Easy Fringe Fleece Scarf

These aren't our colors but I found the picture and the directions for them here at Make & Takes

Saturday, Picky monster and I get up early, dress nicely and hit the streets looking for donations so that we can host a raffle. The business's that we went to were all so very generous. I was astounded by it. Unfortunately, I only had about 2 hours to do this.... But I was able to get over $200 worth of donations.

For the bake sale I made Easy Lemon Bars here at Just Being Me

We had a ton of baked goods brought in by the moms and donations for the raffles also!

With the bowling, raffles, bake sale, scarves and 50/50 we are off to a really good start to being able to pay for everything we need this year!

In 3 days I pulled a fundraiser out of thin air. I am so proud of myself.... the old me would never have attempted anything like this. I guess 2013 is my year after all!



Katidids said...

WOW! ou go girl, what a wonderful start for the boosters! And a ego/confidence pump for you pulling it off! Financial donations in this economy are tough to get!

Mary Ann said...

Yeeha! Way to get it together in an instant!

SkippyMom said...

Congratulations. You must have a lot of wonderful, cooperative parents. Here it is all control freaky, type A personalities that own their respective committees, fundraisers, etc. They asked me to head the Baking Committee [since I do most of the baking] but I declined because I wanted no part of that clique.
How exciting that you got is done so fast and that you are going to make so much! Thank goodness for our car washes, Christmas paper wrapping and such - saves so much for the trips and competitions for the Band programs. Disney here we come. :)
And THANK YOU for the Lemon Bar recipe. I have been looking for one for a bake sale, preferably homemade, but this is such a great back up to have. Wonderful!

Yart said...

Thank you! Since we had that fundraiser, I have several more in the works.... LOL! I guess no rest for the wicked!

Skippy, I know what you mean... That's why I stayed out of the Band's way.

I was shocked the entire family liked the lemon bars. Its a good quick recipe.