Sunday, January 6, 2013

Got Creative

This is my newest idea.... I got the ready made material from Joann's and sewed in the seam. I figure that as I loose weight I can just keep taking it in and it won't look stupid. I know most of my clothes will still fit as I loose as most are too tight right now. But I wanted something new and instead of spending lots of money that I don't have I got this material at 60% off and got a cute little skirt. And I also found a couple other fabrics at are so cute for summer... But those will have to wait till more money falls into my lap... LOL! Isn't that always the way though!

Speaking of weight... I'm down 2 pounds. This fitbit is keeping me accountable... I hope that it keeps doing its job and keeps my motivated. The last couple days I have been able to do the 10k steps and the 10 floors.  The family just laughs but they get out of my way... Yep, I have been doing laps inside the house. Yes, I have a treadmill but that hurts my foot to walk on and the basement is cold.... really cold!

I'm off to work on my steps, so then I can get some crochet done... I have 3 more blankets in the wings and a pillow!



Carolyn said...

Good idea on the multi-fit skirt...and it sure is cute!