Monday, January 21, 2013

Another week gone already!

Competitions, tournaments, practice, family visits and my vendor show!

First here is a picture of my set up for the vendor show! I'm thrilled beyond belief at how good it went. I didn't sell anything or get any sales, but I did get a lot of email addresses. Also there were several women that showed interest in having a show! So now everyone is in the system and will get 1 email a month with the monthly special. I'm hoping that will entice a few more into having a show!

I like the way the display looks, but I think I need to have more color for the next time I do something like this! I do love the pink bag, its one of our newest items, it has 7 pockets and it comes in several colors! There was quite a bit of interest in it!

I finally got to see my brother... It has been since before Thanksgiving when we saw him last. He has been super busy with his new job and position. He is now a general contractor, who subcontracts... I think I got that right... LOL! Anyways, like I said super busy. It was good to see him... I wish the visit could have been longer but he had to get home to his family and I had to feed mine!

Picky is doing really well in the competitions. The tournament we were in 2nd place going into the elimination  / semi final rounds. We got eliminated in the first round. I did win a bowling ball though, so Picky is very happy, especially since she needed a new ball! We were told that this is an aggressive ball. I guess it's going to go down the lane, yelling and scare all the pins down! LOL! I know to funny!

Last week I started to tie the ends into the moss stitch blanket... Nope not done yet, I just wanted to get a head start on it.... It's coming along nicely. One day I might actually find the time to finish it up! I can see myself right before Spring breaks finishing.... Who ever said winter is the down time season must never have had kids... LOL!

This week is going to be crazy busy also! Grim has a doctors appoints as do I. We have more competitions, practices and tournaments. I need to take Band monster to put her prom dress in layaway, because they only allow one dress / style per school, so I need make sure she gets the dress she wants and that no one else will have it for the two schools proms she will be attending. Yeah, senior year! I will say this much DISNEY has come out with a line of prom dresses they are to die for! The into the Woods collections is stunning!

I had to make a cup of tea this morning with my honey lemon mixture in it.... I'm starting to feel just a little run down. Plus, being around all these people the last two weeks has just racked my system. It's snowing right now and I have the flamboyant afghan on my lap that I really really need to tie the ends into! Well, I guess I should be off to do that!

Take care this week.... I don't know when I'll be back but you can bet I'll have a ton to say!