Friday, September 28, 2012

Crocheted Flower

This was a time waster today.... I really need to get working on the bigger projects I just can't seem to bring myself to sit down long enough to start them. SIGH!

Christmas is soon around the corner and I really need to get my stuff together! LOL!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finished Project

Here is another project I just finished today. Its a pair of fingerless gloves for me. I used, Red Heart Boutique, in Harvest Moon.

I got the pattern from Mad Mad Me. I would share but since I had to buy it I can't! I modified the pattern to fit the yarn and the length of my arm.

Its not cold enough yet to wear them... But now I'm ready!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No Blog Parties

I can't seem to find any blog parties for Halloween! For the last couple of years I have a blast participating in these blog parties! Now I can't seem to find any.... Maybe I will have to host one!!!! We will see.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Still Waiting

I'm still waiting for the sun to come out so I can take pictures... But since I know everyone is just can't wait a minute longer to see my work here are some of the pictures I took at my mom's yard sale!

There a hats and sweaters, blankets galore and washcloths! I really thought I would have done better. Then I realized that when I go yard saleing I look for bargains.... I need to set up at a craft show or get the sun to come out so I can really good pictures!

I told you I had been busy this summer.. LOL!


Friday, September 21, 2012


I have finally gotten off my butt and started to send in all the things I've done to earn Mary Jane's Merit Badges! I have been sending them in a few every day for the last week. I have a couple of the badges completed, more are only in stage 1 or 2 though. I still need to finish submitting everyone that's done..... The last time I looked at the list I had about 1/2 done..... Well, what do you think happened in that time.... More were added. I am so far behind now. Not only do I have to finish sending in the work, I also have to print on to transfer paper, transfer, then decorate my badges. Good thing my slow season will be here in 2 months!

I did a yard sale last weekend at my mom's. I sold 1 washcloth. That's it, just 1. Then I decided that I would take pictures of everything since it was out. Well, Sunday I was just spent, so I waited. The weather has been yucky to say the least. Now I wait for another day with sunshine to hang the items on the clothes line to take photos. I would really like to add these great items to the store!

I have several projects in varying stages of done-ness. I have a baby blanket that I only have to border, the flamboyant afghan has 22 squares with the ends sewn in 78 more to go, I have been working on one color squares to use up some of the rainbow afghan yarn, I just bought more yarn to make a pair of fingerless gloves, not to mention the Christmas presents that I can't mention that all still need work done to them. I will be pulling out my friends afghan this week to wrap it, so there will be better pictures of the coral snake blanket coming.

I finished up my 4th show last night. Unfortunately, I don't have any more shows booked. I'm a bit disappointed but I need to get out there and see what I can come up with as far as new customers. Keeping faith alive as I did very well with the first 4.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dark and Damp

Over the last few days the weather has really taken a turn for Autumn. It has rained, gotten colder and the leaves have become more colorful. All the while I have been waiting for a day like today. It's raining and thundering.... Its so dark in the living room that I need to turn on a lamp. But all of this is fine because today is the day that I start tying in the ends to the flamboyant afghan. This is the day that I won't mind having that extra large blanket on my lap. This is the day that calls for me to this type of work! So off I go to snuggle, I mean work diligently under the warmth of summers end!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Additions for the Camper

These are the Thirty-one bags that I got for the camper... I think they turned out so cute! I am thrilled with how big the XXL Everyday Tote is... I have the flamboyant afghan in there to puff it up for the picture and there is still a ton of room!                                 I love the colors, this is just perfect for the rainbow interior that I have planned. I think I need to get more projects done in the trailer and stop getting all the decorations...LOL! Oh, well! What's a girl to do.                                                                                            

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Flambouyant Afghan

Its done....with the exception of sewing in the ends!

I'm happy that I did a piece work afghan this summer. I was able to keep productive but didn't sweat my butt off.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Its Official

Two weeks ago we were finally able to get the school councilor to fill out his part of the university application. Today we received an acceptance letter in the mail for my Teenage monster! I'm thrilled that she got accepted as this was the only school she wanted to apply to. Now comes the fun part with getting everything she needs. Filling out the forms for financial aid should take up most of the next year... LOL!

She will be 8.5 hours away from home so she will be living on campus in the dorms. The only problem I have with it is if in the winter the weather gets to bad then they shut down the bridge. So she had better not need me in the dead of winter, cause I would have to fly in and that's not my idea of fun... :o(

Grim and I are starting to rack our heads as to how to pay for all this. I figure she will get financial aid... I'm still trying to make a go of my Thirty-One business. I had my first show and got two bookings... And off of one of them I got another one. So I'm hopeful that I can contribute to her schooling.

They even sent a list of things that she might want to bring with her. The cleaning and laundry supplies made me laugh..... Hopefully, none of the other kids make fun of her for using homemade laundry soap and dryer sheets. Vinegar in a spray bottle and baking soda... I guess I can hope she ends up finding "Hippie" type friends that understand.... Rofl!


Thursday, September 6, 2012


I pre-ordered MaryJane Butters, Glamping with MaryJane book. With doing that you could post and have a chance at a drawing. Well, out of 326 posts mine was picked by MaryJane's granddaughter. You can see her pick my name here.....

I won a two day getaway at MaryJane's B&B! I am so excited! Grim is thrilled, the kids are jealous! OMG, I can't believe I won! Now I really need to get the Thirty-one business off the ground to pay for the flight... LOL!


Pumpkin and Squash Recipes

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hutch....Rabbit Hutch

We just finished the hutch. She seems to be very happy with it. We still need to build her a bed box. That should be done in the next hour or so. I love that we have a whole other section either for the growing kits or for another female. Still need to find a solar water and heat source for her.