Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dark and Damp

Over the last few days the weather has really taken a turn for Autumn. It has rained, gotten colder and the leaves have become more colorful. All the while I have been waiting for a day like today. It's raining and thundering.... Its so dark in the living room that I need to turn on a lamp. But all of this is fine because today is the day that I start tying in the ends to the flamboyant afghan. This is the day that I won't mind having that extra large blanket on my lap. This is the day that calls for me to this type of work! So off I go to snuggle, I mean work diligently under the warmth of summers end!



SkippyMom said...

Good for you Yart. Sounds like a perfect plan for a chilly afternoon. I love this weather and can't wait for more. :)

I am anxious to see the afghan all together. I bet it is going to be spectacular. AND WARM!

Katidids said...

Good for you taking a day to relax. I think this week has everyone slowing down. Can;t wait to see the finished afghan!