Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Its Official

Two weeks ago we were finally able to get the school councilor to fill out his part of the university application. Today we received an acceptance letter in the mail for my Teenage monster! I'm thrilled that she got accepted as this was the only school she wanted to apply to. Now comes the fun part with getting everything she needs. Filling out the forms for financial aid should take up most of the next year... LOL!

She will be 8.5 hours away from home so she will be living on campus in the dorms. The only problem I have with it is if in the winter the weather gets to bad then they shut down the bridge. So she had better not need me in the dead of winter, cause I would have to fly in and that's not my idea of fun... :o(

Grim and I are starting to rack our heads as to how to pay for all this. I figure she will get financial aid... I'm still trying to make a go of my Thirty-One business. I had my first show and got two bookings... And off of one of them I got another one. So I'm hopeful that I can contribute to her schooling.

They even sent a list of things that she might want to bring with her. The cleaning and laundry supplies made me laugh..... Hopefully, none of the other kids make fun of her for using homemade laundry soap and dryer sheets. Vinegar in a spray bottle and baking soda... I guess I can hope she ends up finding "Hippie" type friends that understand.... Rofl!



Katidids said...

Oh Congrats!! If she is sharing a room she should know who her roommate will be a few months ahead of time. They can split who is bringing what like fridge or microwave.

Yart said...

Thanks for the tip! It will save me a few dollars not having to get everything on the list.