Friday, September 21, 2012


I have finally gotten off my butt and started to send in all the things I've done to earn Mary Jane's Merit Badges! I have been sending them in a few every day for the last week. I have a couple of the badges completed, more are only in stage 1 or 2 though. I still need to finish submitting everyone that's done..... The last time I looked at the list I had about 1/2 done..... Well, what do you think happened in that time.... More were added. I am so far behind now. Not only do I have to finish sending in the work, I also have to print on to transfer paper, transfer, then decorate my badges. Good thing my slow season will be here in 2 months!

I did a yard sale last weekend at my mom's. I sold 1 washcloth. That's it, just 1. Then I decided that I would take pictures of everything since it was out. Well, Sunday I was just spent, so I waited. The weather has been yucky to say the least. Now I wait for another day with sunshine to hang the items on the clothes line to take photos. I would really like to add these great items to the store!

I have several projects in varying stages of done-ness. I have a baby blanket that I only have to border, the flamboyant afghan has 22 squares with the ends sewn in 78 more to go, I have been working on one color squares to use up some of the rainbow afghan yarn, I just bought more yarn to make a pair of fingerless gloves, not to mention the Christmas presents that I can't mention that all still need work done to them. I will be pulling out my friends afghan this week to wrap it, so there will be better pictures of the coral snake blanket coming.

I finished up my 4th show last night. Unfortunately, I don't have any more shows booked. I'm a bit disappointed but I need to get out there and see what I can come up with as far as new customers. Keeping faith alive as I did very well with the first 4.