Monday, January 9, 2012

Is winter really here?

Nope but it has been cold enough to keep me in the house baking. This weekend I made sourdough dinner rolls, sourdough crackers, sourdough bagels and the cake batter pudding cookies. With all this baking my oven was nice and warmed up. But I guess there was a problem. Nothing baked quite right. I lost one whole tray of dinner rolls because I didn’t catch it in time and they just didn’t cook right. The crackers didn’t crisp up…. the bagels I didn’t know didn’t cook right until they were cooled and cut into. The cookies were really soft in the middle (just might have been the recipe though). With everything else I don’t know.

So we decided that it was time to check out the self cleaning button on the oven. It took like 4 hours. All I can say is wow. It did a really good job. Now hopefully it cleaned away whatever the problem was.

Grim and I went to the gym this morning. Our first day back since June of last year. I had to keep telling myself that no one ever regretted going to the gym they only regret not going. I was able to do 45 minutes on the elliptical of that 25 min. was holding on to the moving arm part. I hope to eventually get up to a full hour holding on. My fat was crying today…. I was sweating like crazy!

The monsters all went back to school today. I really hate them going. Even though it gets them gone for a few hours a day. I miss them terrible when their not here. I guess it just gives me more time to work on projects for them… LOL!



SkippyMom said...

I hope the cleaning worked. If not, try repositioning your baked goods half way through their cooking time so the bake evenly. Sometimes ovens are hotter in one place than another.

Or one of your elements may be out if the whole tray is baking right. It isn't getting hot enough.

Could you please share your recipe for crackers? I have always wanted to make them. :) Thx