Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America

We are going to be BBQ'ing today. Nothing fancy, just hot dogs and sausage, corn, salad, broccoli and beans. Then tomorrow night our neighbor will be doing a ton of large fireworks. So we will gather in the alley behind the house and watch. The monsters love it, as they can run in the house to potty if necessary. This will be the first year that we don't have a ton of people coming over.

The garden is going well. The lettuce has bolted and so has the spinach. I pulled all of the garlic. It is drying out in the garage. But it has to come in tomorrow as we will be having the garage door fixed on Tuesday. Long story, almost ruined our day last weekend... but we purserveered! And it won't even cost an arm and leg to fix.... Yipppppppppppy! The cucumbers are doing really well. And the tomatoes are there but they haven't started to blush yet! I figure I will be up to my arm pits canning within 2 weeks.

We are going somewhere that I will be attending a rather large auction. I am hoping to get a really good deal on produce. Especially the things that didn't do well or that I just didn't have enough room for.

*edited* Well, it has been a quite day here. The neighbor didn't do his party so no fireworks! :( Maybe next year!!! It has been super hot here.

Gotta Run,