Thursday, July 15, 2010

Been awhile

I hope everyone's summer is progressing nicely. We just got back from another short trip. We went to an Amish community that hosts a flea market and auction. The flea market was huge! But even with all the booths I was able to find a couple of deals. I am now the proud new owner of a #3 and #4 crocks. WooHoo!!!! I can make more sauerkraut this year as I just used up my last jars a few weeks ago. I can't wait!! I also found a wringer but I decided that I could wait and it is a good thing that I did. Since I have been home, a friend has contacted me and offered me the entire washer from his basement. I told him that I just wanted the wringer and he said he would get it off for me!!! Oh, and I almost forgot I found a glass wash board! Now I have the mop bucket and the wash board and the wringer. We will have clean clothes no matter what the circumstance.

I also drug the family to the animal auction. Oh my God! The piglets were so cute! And the little bit bigger ones looked like they would make nice hams.... LOL! I know it was funny to me too. I don't know when livestock started looking like food and not pets?!? I guess it goes with the territory of wanting to be closer to my food. Anyways, the pigs went for a very good price. We didn't get to see the cattle, it wasn't until way later in the day.

It was very hot while we were gone. So upon our arrival I found the first of the red tomatoes. There was a handful of grape, 1 Roma & 3 purple Cherokee ready to be picked. The cucumbers have powdery mildew, all the lettuce has bolted and the potatoes look like they need to be dug up. But on the bright side, there are baby watermelons, peppers and a ton of Swiss Chard.

We are planning on taking another trip next week. I know we are a going concern this year. But Band stuff starts up again at the end of this month and if we don't do something now then I don't know when we will have the opportunity. Band goes until the beginning of November.

I have been drying all of the mints. So far I have done chocolate, orange, pineapple & spearmint. I have lemon balm drying right now. The apple mint didn't do to well, so I didn't get any cuttings from it. I am hoping for a better year next year. I still need to dry out some oregano and horehound.

My room is almost ready to be painted. I just need to clean off the bookshelf and take the bed down. Then I can paint. I am going with a forest green for the walls and a cream for the trim. The bedding is a rust color. Hopefully, before the weekend is over the room will be done. Then next week Grim and I will be finishing up the DAMN kitchen.... The only thing we have to do is hang the doors and it will be complete.

Gotta Run,


Katidids said...

I love looking at the animals, going tonight to the 4H fair. The heat is starting to stress my garden also but the tomato's & beans are coming on strong