Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Catching up or longer then I planned

Here is picture I took from the bridge of Mackinaw. The sky was beautiful and Lake Huron was very calm. Which was a good thing considering that I hate heights and water. We went up into the UP. It was very nice. The weather was much nicer then at home. We looked at several parcels of land. Unfortunately, we don't have the money to make that type of purchase but it is nice to dream.
Mackinaw City has a multitude of wind turbines. I think that this is the kewlest thing as I use to work in the renewable industry. There are 8 of them, they help power part of the harbormaster building and an ice suppression system in the dock area. I love seeing more eco energy options being used.
In my last post I was complaining about the garden. Of course I just needed to wait a few more days. Here is a nice little haul that I got this week. I ended up dehydrating all of the hot peppers. There is Hungarian Hots, Peter Peppers and Ancho Peppers. If they keep production up I will have a jar of each in the pantry.... Yeah! I did go out to the you pick farm. He said that his tomatoes are about 2 weeks behind because of the weather. So I don't feel so bad now.
Here is the picture of the wall color before we painted. It was a gray / purple. I loved this color. It was in the bedroom for over 10 years. It was time for a change. So we went with the dark green walls, butter cream for the trim and the linens are a rust color. I am very happy with the new color scheme. It is just taking a little time getting use to the new layout.

As you can see in the tires are potatoe plants. I probably should have left them for a little while longer.But of course I have never been patient. So we ended up with 39.2 pounds of taters. We ate some with dinner tonight and they were very good. Since these aren't for storage we will be eating the rest of them over the next few weeks.

All of the tires are now up against the fence. It will give us more room to manouver. Plus, we want to build a fence with a gate. It will block the dog from the garden. Right now we are using metal stakes with snow fencing. It looks horrible and I am tired of climbing over the fence to get in the garden.

I have an appointment with my real doctor tomorrow. I don't know what is going on, I am almost done with the antibotics the urgent care doc gave me and I'm still not better. Then Thursday I have a dreaded dental appointment. I hate, hate, hate going to the dentist. It has been like 4 years since I've been. But with what ever is going on with my sinus's / ear, my teeth have been hurting. So to the dentist I go.... blah!!!!

I worked in the pantry the other day. I cleaned out almost 40 jars of food that just weren't a hit. There was lemon juice that didn't quite turn out, pickles that tasted great but were mushy, apple sauce that went south and kidney beans that were yucky. I was sad to toss out all that food. The work that went into making it wasted. :o( But that was really just a lesson learned. Make less of new items. With that work done I organized the pantry a little bit... ( it needs more attention, then I have time for right now). I have room now for all the canning I want to do this year.
  1. Spaghetti Sauce
  2. Ketchup Recipe here
  3. BBQ Sauce Recipe here
  4. Dill Pickles
  5. Chicken Stock Great sounding recipe here
  6. Corn Relish Recipe here (not sure how to eat this but it sounds good)
  7. Sauerkraut
  8. Beef Stew Recipe here
  9. Vegetable Soup Recipe here
  10. Taco Sauce Recipe here
  11. Carrots
  12. Corn
  13. Potatoes
I think that is a good list to start with. LOL! I know I tend to bite off more then I can chew. But I want to get the pantry full for winter. I need to make a list of things like toilet paper that needs to be stock up on. I just have a feeling that this winter is going to a bad one and want to be prepared. I know, I know foreboading arn't I.

Gotta Run,


Katidids said...

Wow! Great list of recipes, thank you! I looks like you had a wonderful trip. Your room looks great! We're slowly building a studio on the house for me & it's now to the point where I have to plan the layout. You'd think I'd have it set in my mind by now but "someday" is here! I love how you used the strong colors in the room, that's where I'm stuck in the decision process. Trying to visualize what I will look like. Your's were sure great choices!