Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lazy, Crazy, Rainy Day

Teenage monster is home after being gone for the past week to band camp. Not only are we happy that she is home. She was very home sick. This was her first time being away from us without any other family around. So with her home I had a ton of laundry to do. LOL! I guess I this is what happens when they go away to college.

We pulled all of the onions out of the garden this week. Ended up with 4 pint bags full in the freezer. This was a smaller harvest then we had hoped for. But we got onions so no complaints. Brought in a ton more tomatoes. Cooked some down the other day for juice and I have a pot on the stove as I type doing the same. Having tomato juice on the shelf is one of my little indulgences.

Of course I am still harvesting eggplant with the weather being cool and wet the plants have set more flowers. So soon I will be giving away eggplant. I almost have more then we can use now. There is almost enough cayenne peppers to make a 3rd rista. If they keep producing then I will be giving rista's away for Christmas. Every day we add a couple more jalapeno's and yellow sweets to the freezer bags.

All of the potatoes were canned up and/or frozen. Next year hopefully, the blight won't affect them. But I will also be using several different varieties. Same with the onions. Several types should help if there is a problem. But isn't that the best fun with gardening.... Knowing that next year will be different. New plants, new problems and a whole new crop to preserve and eat fresh! Ahhhhhh! Next Year!

DH and I came to a decision. We are going to stay in town and try and purchase property out. That way we will have time to set the land up. Without having to survive off the land when we aren't ready. I got a catalog with trees in it. So we know that we want to get English Walnut trees, at least 4. Some for us and then some to sell. I know, fingers crossed! Then we want an orchard of dwarf trees. Apple, peach, pear and mulberry. Oh my!

So once we get the finances in order we will be able to get some of these dreams going. I know we are like a ton of people out there. Lots of dreams and no money to pay for them. One day! Sorry melancholy hit for a sec there.

I spent the last week doing the before school cleaning. Not done yet but now I feel the fall in the air. And I don't think that its imagined. The weather has been cool and rainy. The trees seem to be ready for the change. The squirrels' tails are starting to bush up. I think that we are going to have a winter for the record books this year. I hope that I'm wrong but I don't think so. Just helps me to rationalize all the hard work that I put into preserving the harvest.

Apples won't be ready for another month or so. But I have my clear jel and just waiting patiently. This year apple pie filling will be on my shelves. I might even break down and make some peach pie filling. You never know. If I get a good price on some peaches.

Still a couple more weeks for the sauerkraut. It is fermenting very well. I think I will end up with about 7 quart jars. That will last me the whole year. As I still have a couple jars from last year. Yummmmm!

See what happens when I don't post for awhile... LOL!

Gotta Run,