Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Challenge #9

1. Garden work: Watering now that summer has decided to show up.

1A. Harvest something: Tomatoes, cayenne peppers and jalapeno peppers

2. Preserve something. I use swiss chard to make the spinach roll ups. I also dehydrated the leaves and the stems of the swiss chard.

3. Food storage. Picked up a couple of things that used up to replace.

4. Other preparedness tasks: We got the rest of the wood cut.

5. Try a new recipe: No new recipes this week.

6. Financial preparedness: Now we are snowballing that money on to the next bill. I have also applied at 2 different places so the extra money will really come in handy... keeping fingers crossed

7. Work on local food systems. Shopped local again this week.

8: Learn something. Still working on the dish towels.

9: Serve someone. I worked the steak dinner at the legion.

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