Sunday, October 16, 2016

Busy Busy

The last post was back in June... Time sure fly when your doing nothing... That's not true... I guess I have been super busy. Just not doing the things that I want, but have to do. I worked the Summer away. Can't complain there as we had extra money by me doing that. But the free time I had seemed to just slip right through my fingers as we only just recently got answers to what is wrong with my loved one.... Yes, your count is right heading into 10 months. Doctors and therapy's, oh my! And still no closer to being done with this mess.

I'm up and at um this early because in about a half an hour I'm off to work yet again. Its to be my last day of outside work. Can't complain as its starting to change, the weather. Its not horrible this morning but last week it was so cold my toes were freezing. The weather is turning fickle. So I'm happy to be done for the season. I am looking forward to next year already though. Crazy... LOL! I can say I have learned quite a bit this Summer. Even if I don't stay with Direct Sales, the knowledge I have will serve me the rest of my life.

I haven't done much in the way of needlework. I've been waiting for the change. And last week when it got so cold. I got started on a pair of crocheted Mukluk. I used yarn that I had in the closet.... I love when a plan comes together. They turned out really cute. The pattern wasn't horrible. I got them done in a week. I think the next pair will be faster. I hope.. LOL! I got a enough to make 3 more pairs. I might give them away as gifts or maybe even finally start my etsy store. You never know.

Need to settle in for the upcoming Winter. As they are calling for a nasty one. I really think that I should sit down and come up with a plan of all the things that I would like to accomplish instead of flying by the seat of my pants. I did manage to get most of the yard cleaned up from Summer and started on the winter prep of the yard. It will need to be cut at least 1 more time before we put the mower away.

Our far away dream of the property is still just that. We weren't able to get there at all this Summer. So all the clean up work that we did will have to be redone. Which sucks.... Still don't have the orchard planted. Was so hoping to be in our second year of growth. But that was not in the plans for this year. Plans... Plans... Plans.... that's all I can do for now.

Looking forward to 2017... Cause this year had more lessons to teach then we were ready to learn. 

Now that the weather is changing... I will have more time to get back here and write. See you soon!