Saturday, March 9, 2013


Sorry it took me so long to get back here and give you an update! He made it through surgery fine. We did end up back at the ER after we got home. We thought that pain pump they put in was starting to come out. Luckily, it hadn't so he was fine. With the medication and ice machine he was able to rest comfortably. Not me though... I was up every time he moved. The life of a wife... LOL! I'm thrilled that every thing went well. He was better off then the doctor had first thought. Though he is still in a great deal of pain, he was able to start PT almost right away. So this means that his recovery time has been cut down... To what we don't know yet... We go in to get the stitches out in a week. Hopefully, the doctor will have more information for us then.

I started on the Groovy-Ghan.... I must have not done the stitch properly as the ridges aren't the same as the pictures but that's alright as I've already gotten about 4 inches done on it... It is what it is! And it is using up my scraps! I so need to use it up as it is taking up to much space!

Well, that's about it for now! I will type to you later!



SkippyMom said...

Whew! So nice to catch up with you [where have I been?] and so happy your hubs is going to be better. I know what you mean about being up every second, but enjoying the fact that he will be home with you for 16 weeks <---previous post. Pooldad and I are the exact same why. If you can't be married to and take care of your best friend, who can you, eh?
Still grand relief he did well in surgery. Hope he rests easy and heals fast.
Blog is looking great! Congrats on the new business. I wish you the best.
Hugs, Skip