Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An hour outside

The rotting crud seems to have decided finally to leave me in peace. With the rain taking a break, I thought it was a good time to get outside. Right before I got sick, the lavender and the blueberry tires were weeded. Also I was able to get about half of the grape/rhubarb/coneflower bed weeded. So I got out there and finished off that bed. Then I added another bag of mulch. I got it on sale last year…(it was suppose to go down in the fall but the weather didn’t cooperate.)

I pulled some weeds out of the daylily bed. Not as many as I would have thought but they are really filling out. I need to get one maybe two more and that bed will be done. I pulled some of my pots to get some seeds started. Chamomile and calendula are now in the hanging pots right outside the back door. Then I went into the BEAR garden (LOL, Skippy) and looked for a ground pot….. Guess what I found….. One of the blueberries in a pot, that I thought didn’t survive from the garden debacle actually has some growth on it. So that got moved over by the others. Then I cleaned out the weeds from another pot and planted nasturtiums.

I am hoping to borrow or buy a roto-tiller in the next couple weeks. The Bear garden needs to be tilled before I can get in there to do the renovation. It is going to look so nice. And everything that is along noisy neighbors side will be in pots up on blocks. So then when he sprays whatever it is that he uses to kill with it won’t be in the roots of my plants. Good thing I pulled the veggies out of that area…. God only knows what chemicals he was putting in the ground.

Anyways, I got to see a robin take a bath in the bird bath. The mason bees and a bumble were very intent on that yellow weed, I showed you the other day. These butterflies were covering it, too. So now I need to find out what type of weed it is and if I can transplant it. I would love to have more of it growing. I love the butterflies and bees in the yard!




SkippyMom said...

I am trying to catch up on all your posts. Thank goodness some of them are short. heehee I bet your yard is looking great. Can't wait to see more.

I saw the cutest little garden today. All our homes have a small, square patch of grass out at the end of our stairs. It is usually about 5x6 foot. Our neighbor had taken an old, weathered bird bath [I think it used to be white at some point - it looks good tho'.] and planted purple pansies in it with greenery planted on the ground. I am totally on the look out for a small, used bird bath now. I want to do it too. And since we aren't close to each other it wouldn't look strange, like I copied them.

Off to read more. I saw the quilt post. I want to see how you're doing. I think I might get up the gumption to start another one. I haven't made one in a few years, but the girls are old enough now that if I don't finish they can finish for me, right?

Take care and we'll talk soon I am sure. Hugs!