Friday, May 25, 2012

Gone but not Forgotten

I can’t believe that its been over two weeks since I posted anything of any importance. It's not that nothing has happened its just that we have been so busy that I haven’t had time to sit and collect my thoughts. We are still working on the new and improved garden area. We need to level off the house side where the raised beds were. Once that is done I have grass seed to put down.

The front yard has also gotten a bit of a makeover. We extended the beds out on both sides of the yard. I added quite a few perennials. This was done mainly because noisy neighbor decided about a month ago to come into my yard and spray weed killer all over my lawn. The end result was that I had great big dead patches in my lawn…. Because I have a lot of clover and that’s what he killed. He has always done things to annoy me but this was the last straw…. to the point that I put a sign on the fence that read “to whomever put chemicals on my yard stay off my property!” So that I guess embarrassed him and now he glares at me…. I really don’t care he had no right and no he has to deal with us being out side way more then we usually are…. See he runs an unauthorized business out of his back yard…. You know where he can work in peace, making all the noise he wants cause the wife is in the house with the air on and can’t hear him. But everyone else in the neighborhood has no choice. Well, me and the monsters have been outside everyday working or cleaning or planting. He hates it…. I know cause he keeps sighing…. LOL! Oh well, to bad noisy neighbor! LOL!

I think that the Mallow is just gorgeous! So I wanted to show you a better picture of it. What do you think of my dark purple / black bearded iris’s…. Well that’s what they were labeled. It was my own fault I bought them before they had opened and the tags were wrong. LOL!

So that is what I’ve been doing recently…. As soon as I get time I still need to finish my uncles lap-ghan and the quilt… Oh and I bought material to make a skirt. Lots to do and so little time…

I hope you all have a great day!



zztop357 said...

I figured the garden monster had you like the rest of us!!!LOL
Between mowing and the garden I don't know if I'm coming or going. Your yard and flowers look very good!