Wednesday, December 6, 2017

We made it to December

Well, actually to December 6th!!! This is the longest we have ever been able to hold out on turning the furnace on.... We can afford heat. This is a challenge that I took part in years and years ago. And even though the original coordinator no longer does the challenge, we still do it. We have had some cold spells, the weather always warmed back up. This time, Winter is making a dramatic showing by the end of the week. At least that's what the weatherman says. Even if there is nothing new to see (snow) the temps have finally taken the plunge! Last night was down to 28 and tonight is suppose to be even lower. The daytime temps aren't going to come up enough during the day to warm the house so the heat goes on.

I will say this much, its set at 60 daytime temp. Its hot to us. We have been conditioned to live in a bit cooler temps and I'm roasting.... LOL! It won't last long till we acclimate. I have to go and get new batteries for the programmable thermostat. Then I can readjust what the temps should be.

Last year, when we shut it off we had it on 60. So that's how we will start this year off!

Here's to a short Winter and an early Spring!

Smile Loudly,