Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Not much has changed

In the 8 months since I last posted. Not much has changed.

The Oldest Graduated from University!

My loved one is still hurt and not much seems to help.

I have taken a job out of the home. 

We have not been to our property in over a year. Heard the grass in hood high in a pickup truck! Damn!!

We are all learning to use our words and with that new skills are being learned and projects finished.

Should have some pictures soon.

Finished the Temperature Blanket..... Have almost 17 squares for the popcorn blanket done,,,. Finished a car seat baby blanket for my nephew. Of course I have tons of yarn and patterns and very little time.

The garden I planted this year did miserably. I watered quite a bit but to no end. The only thing that has been doing fabulous is the jalapenos. 

We picked strawberries and blueberries. Tried to find blackberries, since my canes only netted me about 3 cups. Still hoping to get peaches, fall raspberries, tomatoes, and of course apples.

Put up strawberry jam and syrup. Froze the blueberries and still trying to figure out if I have enough blackberries for jelly.

Need to clean up the yard for fall... not sure how much time I will have as the holiday season will pick up here in the next couple weeks. Causing my job to pick up.... Not complaining at all.... the more work the more money!