Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spin Me Right Round!

This month has been crazy busy! I have been busting my butt trying to get this business off the ground, with limited time. While trying to finish up with Varsity Bowling, candy bar sales, and planning another fundraiser! Needless, to say I have been struggling with the business. That is because I just didn't spend enough time at it. Its hard to sell something when no one knows you sell it. I know with this larger then life personality... LOL! I guess I should be yelling from the roof tops... So if you hear something on the wind... its just me!

I haven't even had time to do any crafts or anything remotely resembling homesteading in the last couple weeks. I can say that I have been organizing all of my yarn stash. What a mess that had become... It looks so much nicer now. I will get pictures soon! I still have ends to tie in and blankets to start and dish clothes to knit. I haven't even had time to look and see what I need to start for Christmas. It's almost March and I have no plans yet.... Hope to not have another year of mad dash crocheting. Oh, well! It creates character, Right? Right? LOL!

My oldest baby turns 18 tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel about that.... Not that I feel old or where did my life go... No its more like where did her life go, did she learn everything that she was suppose to, is she ready, will she be alright? We have been working on all the paperwork and everything university related for the last two months. She will be living on campus 9 hours away from me. She is such a momma's girl. We both think that she will be able to grow more being off. What if my baby needs me. You know they say that motherhood is the hardest thing you can do, but they never said that it was like rip your heart out and stomp on it hard. I guess it's just been easy up till now. We have never had any of the teenage rebellion, we are a very close knit family. I know I'm rambling... sorry. I've just been at a junction. I have to appear that it's not bothering me and that I'm super happy, so that she will be able to do what it is she wants to do. Even though I feel sick to my stomach every time I think of it. I still say that every parent needs a guide to follow.... a help line even, that will walk you through this and tell you its alright! 1-800 parents help line this is Yart how may help you with today's dilemma? LOL! Again sorry for rambling... I just really needed to get that out there.  I do feel better putting it down in print.

Grim, goes in on Tuesday for his surgery! Doctors, insurance companies, & medical rentals, OH MY! Once its done he will be finally on his way to recovery! No more pain, more strength and a return to previous activities! Yeah!! He will be home with me for 16 weeks total... I love having him home... He is my playmate... LOL! I know it sounds wrong but with him being my best friend, I enjoy his company! For the first 4 weeks his left arm will be completely immobile  Then he will have 12 weeks of therapy.

As you can see I've been over here spinning plates! I haven't dropped any so I'm fairly proud of myself! :) Now if I just add more to what's going on by getting the business going, I would be thrilled! 

~Insert sales Pitch~ We have a great deal for March if you interested you can click on the link in the sidebar or you can just click here. Or if you would like to host a party, I would love to have you as my first on-line party! It would be a lot of fun!

**When I went back and read what I wrote it might sound like I was complaining a bit... I'm not.... I love my life and all the crazy upside down things that happen. I really am looking for a couple more plates to spin... I don't think I would be happy if life was predictable and smooth.



Katidids said...

You have been a busy girl!! Hey, don't be shy about letting your baby know you will miss her, we had 4 leave in 2 years, I totally get the empty nest. I did the calm cool collected routine when we dropped our oldest off to collage and bawled like a baby all the way home. Turns out she was hurt because she thought it was sooooo easy for us to let her go.Talk about the elephant in the room! Let her know your going to miss her like gives her the same freedom. I don't mean to preach but don't make our mistake. Glad to hear hubby has the surgery planned. I know it was a long wait

Yart said...

Your not preaching at all... Its good to get advice... We are the first ones in our group of friends that is going through this... Everyone else has children younger.