Thursday, August 30, 2012


This is just the intermission folks...!

With the monsters going back to school next week, my time has become very limited... So I am still around but its hectic to say the least.

Update on what's been happening around here. The spinach didn't come up so I planted red russian kale on the 28th. We have a rabbit hutch built with the exception of the roof.... Still need to get shingles. My house is getting its fall cleaning. I'm down to only four projects left in the living room to be finished, two sweaters (more on those later), the flamboyant afghan has its rows sewn together (still need to sew the rows to one another) and the quilt needs to be sewn (I just got the invisible thread) (poor project... out of sight out of mind until I started cleaning)! Then the living room will be done. Once that's done I have a week to deep clean the rest of the house before my Thirty-one party!



SkippyMom said...

Don't you just "love" the going back to school days? Yes, it IS exciting, especially for the kids and it is a sign of all on the horizon, but m'gawd if I didn't know better I would think I left my head back on Aisle 12 - school suppies. giggle

We have been doing this with one car for years - and it is so FREEING to be able to help and do errands with Oscar instead of waiting on my husband to get home from work. Thank goodness.

You sound busy, busy - but it is coming together nicely. I like what you named the afghan. And I really can't wait to see pics. It is one of my favorite patterns and reminds me of the ones my Grandma used to make when I was young.

And a quilt too? WOW - you go girl! That is very exciting, but I have never used invisible thread - and I make quilts. How's it look? And what step of the quilting is it used for? Very interesting.

Hugs to you. Try to get some "you" time during the next few weeks. It is totally restorative. :D

SkippyMom said...

A sign? I meant a sign that FALL is on the horizon. These pain meds work great and I am not "high" from them, but um....yeah - I blame THEM for goofy incomplete comments. giggle