Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Came

And with it brought sickness! Everyone has been sick with a stomach bug for the past few days on and off....Blahhhhh! But we did get to do some really kewl stuff! We took the monsters to the working farm that we get our eggs, milk and other dairy products from. They had a blast hanging out with the animals. I also was able to get my seeds in the dirt on Sunday! I know it seems like it took forever to get it done. I have so much planted I can't really remember. I know for sure I have Lavender and Calendula, tomatoes and peppers. I recently finished Food Rules by Michael Pollan. It was a very good read. Lots of common sense. I am reading Food Matters by Mark Bittman. Another very good read. Very informative. I use cake pans as my starter trays, 3 cups of soil and then the seeds. Plus, I have the lids if I need more planting space. This year I will take better care then I did last year. So then they will last. *confession time* I really didn't think when I started this last year I would succeed. Or even stick with it. But I did and I love it. So live and learn! Sorry for the sideways picture. This is the present I got for Valentines day from Grim. It is set up on the coffin *hope chest* in the living room. In front of the southern facing window. Lots of light. No sprouts yet but I am watching and waiting!

Gotta Run,