Monday, July 13, 2015

Living for the Weekends

That phrase has taken on a whole new meaning for us. We took Picky monster to her College orientation a couple weeks ago. We stopped by the property and cut the grass and dropped off a couple things. Then again this weekend Grim and I went up to again cut the grass and drop off a bit more stuff. You know the stuff that isn't needed here but might be needed there. Like my mom's privacy fence fell over on one side of her yard. So me and the monsters went over and ripped a few of the fallen sections apart. Grim and I took that up. It will be used to build the woodshed. There are more sections of fence that needs to be taken apart. I'm hoping those will be ready when we head back up in a couple more weeks.

 This was Saturday evening after the grass was cut.

In the morning looking towards the well

These next two are of the future orchard. As you can see we still have some work to do. More brush hogging and trees to come down. The clump of trees I would have liked to have kept. But can't do to the colony of ants that have uplifted the entire clump.

Here is the makeshift clothes line... One of the monsters set it up. Hoping to get a more permanent one up next time

We floored our shed. We know that it won't last 100 years but its doing what we need it to do right now. And that's keep the critters out and our stuff safe.

Since life can't be all about the homestead for us just yet....
Here are some of the berries I picked off the bushes at my mom's!

This is the progress of my Sophie's Universe. I'm in week 6 of 20. Lots more to do, so little time! Especially, since I have like 10 more projects picked out to do... LOL!

Here is the front end of what I thought was a riding lawn mower. I was wrong.... its a riding tractor and it was given to us last year. We were told that there was work needed and we were never able to make the repairs happen. This year that is about to change. It needs a tie rod, there is something wrong with the deck, a new battery and maybe a belt. I will keep you updated as "Old Red" comes back to life! :o)

Wish me luck... I have something going on with my shoulder / arm.... pinky and ring finger are tingly. Hoping I didn't damage anything important.