Saturday, May 2, 2015


As you know I have been the long term care taker for my mother in law. Just a quick recap.... in early January she fell and landed on the hospital and then to short term rehab. She then went home against doctors wishes.... can you say stubborn. Then near the end of March, she fell again. Again to the hospital. This time though she ended up in long term nursing care. With that came a great deal of relief.... now we no longer have to be worried about her safety. But it also brought a ton of stress. Trying to get her medicaid, her apartment cleaned out, and on and on.

While all of this was going on, I got let go from my day job. All because both parties couldn't come to an agreement and I got caught in the middle. Grim, applied for a promotion. We still haven't heard anything. We are still hopeful.

I finished the mystery afghan. I will post pictures later. As I'm writing this post from my phone.

We are in the process of bringing home our oldest from University. 2 years down. In the fall both of the oldest will be away at school. Big changes are coming.

I was able to be outside for awhile yesterday to usher in Beltane. I was very pleased. I picked up fallen sticks, saw the wonders of Spring, & spun in circles. Unfortunately, I didn't have any ribbons to place in the trees.

Till next time!